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Volume 13

VOLUME 13:1 – WINTER 2003

James H. Warner, The Triumph of Hope Over Experience: The Bipartisan Campaign Reform Act of 2002 and the First Amendment, 13 Geo. Mason U. C.R.L.J. 1 (2003).

Michael D. Mattheisen, The Effect of Alexander v. Sandoval on Federal Environmental Civil Rights (Environmental Justice) Policy, 13 Geo. Mason U. C.R.L.J. 35 (2003).

Veronica Ascarrunz, The Due Process Implications of Mandatory Immigration Detention, 13 Geo. Mason U. C.R.L.J. 79 (2003).

Gregory T. Gledhill, Up a Creek…But Not Without a Paddle: Public School Corporal Punishment in the Fifth Circuit, 13 Geo. Mason U. C.R.L.J. 121 (2003).

VOLUME 13:2 – SPRING 2004

Steven Plitt, Valerie J. Fasolo, & Daniel Maldonado, Board of Trustees of the University of Alabama vs. Garrett: Is Constitutional Authority for Sale and is State Sovereign Immunity the Purchase Price?, 13 Geo. Mason U. C.R.L.J. 151 (2004).

Robert D. Richards & Clay Calvert, Nadine Strossen and Freedom of Expression: A Dialogue with the ACLU’s Top Card-Carrying Member, 13 Geo. Mason U. C.R.L.J. 185 (2004).

Thomas J. Sullivan & Richard L. Bitter, Jr., Abused Children, Schools, and the Affirmative Duty to Protect: How the DeShaney Decision Cast Children into a Constitutional Void, 13 Geo. Mason U. C.R.L.J. 243 (2004).

Jason Kyle Bryk, Anonymous Tips to Law Enforcement and the Fourth Amendment: Arguments for Adopting an Imminent Danger Exception and Retaining the Totality of the Circumstances Test, 13 Geo. Mason U. C.R.L.J. 277 (2004).

Holly James McMickle, Letting DOJ Lead the Way: Why DOJ’s Pattern or Practice Authority is the Most Effective Tool to Control Racial Profiling, 13 Geo. Mason U. C.R.L.J. 311 (2004).

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