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CRLJ invites professionals to submit articles, essays, or book reviews. Works may address any topic broadly related to traditional or evolving conceptions of “civil rights,” but should inform modern discussion in the American legal community. CRLJ Editors welcome discussion from inside and outside the legal academy; they understand that legal discourse often benefits from the insight imported from fields not normally associated exclusively with the study of law, such as sociology, psychology, and economics. We seek to publish work that examines civil rights issues in a thought-provoking and innovative way. (Please see our current or past issues for examples.)

If you are already writing something or interested in writing, please see our requirements below: 

  • The author must have a J.D. or J.D. equivalent (including LLM, LLB);

  • The article should be between 25-60 pages, double spaced, including footnotes and double-spaced using a 12-point font with 1″ margins;

  • The article must be civil rights related;

  • The article must have a legal argument (not just policy based);

  • The author’s argument should be novel (not preempted) and sound;

  • Structure: we look for an introduction, a background section, an analysis section, and a conclusion;

  • Citations: All articles must conform to The Bluebook: A Uniform System of Citation (21st ed. 2020).


Submission deadline for Fall 2023 publication: July 20, 2023

Submission deadline for Spring 2024 publication: August 7, 2023


The editors strongly prefer electronic submissions in MS Word format, but will also accept paper copies of articles. The response time for paper copies will usually be longer. Submissions should include as separate documents: the author’s resume or CV and the article, essay, or book review to be considered.

Electronic submissions may be sent to the Civil Rights Law Journal, at

If submitting a hard copy, mail to:

Civil Rights Law Journal
George Mason University School of Law
3301 North Fairfax Drive
Arlington, VA 22201-4498

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